5 Excellent Time Management Tools


If you prefer to use a desktop application for time tracking, RescueTime is a good option. You can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms, as well as Android. Once installed, choose your most productive and most distracting activities and pick the days and times you would like to track. The application then automatically begins tracking your time.RescueTime Daily Time

With automatic time-tracking, you never have to worry about forgetting to start the clock for an activity. RescueTime offers options for setting goals and viewing a pop-up daily time log. You can also check out reports for productivity, goals, and application usage.

RescueTime App Report

RescueTime Lite is available for free with limited features and Rescue time premiun is a paid plan with additional features such as daily goal alerts, unlimited report history, and website blocking to help eliminate distractions.


Scoro gives you all the tools you need for efficient time management, including time tracking, billing, work reporting, project & task management.

Top features:

  • Track both actual and billable time and transfer the hours to an invoice
  • Automate late invoice reminders, scheduled and recurring invoicing
  • Email invoices to clients based on the hours worked
  • Extensive project, task, and client management
  • Reporting on work, sales performance, budgets, etc.

What’s interesting about this tool: Scoro combines time tracking with project management and CRM, enhancing collaboration and making it easy to manage all your business processes in one place.



For a very simple way to prioritize your task list is Doris. This application lets you add numerous to-dos to your list, edit them, and include notes. To prioritize the tasks, just select one and drag it to the new position in the list.

Doris Arrange Gif

You can also view your task history for the current day, previous week or month, and current week or month. You will see when each to-do was completed and have options to delete or restore them. Doris is a basic, free, web-based tool.



IF you prefer basic, simple weekly planners, then Weekis is the one for you. This no-frills option is a web-based application where you just enter your tasks for each day of the week. This also makes it easy to plan your days, one day at a time.


Weekis Weekly Plan

With Weekis, you see the week at a glance, can rearrange tasks with drag-and-drop, and if you create a free account, your items will be saved.


Replicon Time Management Software

Replicon is a comprehensive multi-feature solution that helps companies to track the time spent on work and bill their clients for finished projects.

Top features:

  • Time tracking and time sheets
  • Multiple billing rates for different users
  • Project budgeting and expense management
  • Analytics on time usage

What’s interesting about this tool: Replicon appeals to large organizations, looking to manage their employees’ time more efficiently. The tool helps to get a comprehensive overview of every minute spent at work.

Pricing: From $20 user/month

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